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Rabbi Altman is the son of Ge'ula and David Altman.  On his father's side, he is a descendant of rabbis and teachers whose lives were dedicated to the building and heritage of the people of Israel and the return of Zion.

His great-grandfather was Rabbi Zvi Pessach Frank, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, a revered author and teacher of the writings of his generation.

Rabbi Altman's great-uncle was Rabbi Areye Levin, who imbued entire generations with the love of Israel, loyalty to Eretz Israel and spiritual devotion -- what the people call a righteous man.

On his mother's side, he is descended from the Regin and Chortakov Hassidut, who were engaged in spiritual Jewish works, from whom he inherited a love of Jewish poetry and music.

Rabbi Altman attended the national-religious Shilo elementary school and the high school Yeshiva of Kfar Ganim;  his mentor there was Rabbi Nahman Zucker, an exemplary teacher and educator, a man of good deeds, who combined his pedagogic skills with creativity and devotion.  He personally raised the means to establish the Kfar Ganim Yeshiva and staff it with teachers, rabbis, Torah sages and scientists.  Rabbi Altman studied Torah as well as science, heritage, culture and good deeds.

As a boy, he was a member of Bnai Akivah, where he was taught love of Eretz Israel and Jewish ideals, as well as love for his fellow-men.  After completing his studies, he attended the Kerem Be Yavneh Yeshiva, headed by Rabbi Chaim Yaakov Goldwicht of blessed memory, who was dean of the Hesder Yeshivot in Eretz Israel.  He instructed Rabbi Altman in the Torah and in the study of morals, and how to continue on his path in the field of education.

Following his studies at the Kerem Be Yavneh Yeshiva, he was anxious to broaden his horizons in Torah studies, and traveled to the United States to attend the higher education institute of the Yeshiva University in New York and the Yeshivat Tif'eret Yerushalaim in the U.S., which was presided over by Rabbi David Feinstein and Mashgiach Rabbi Michael Birnbaum.

Rabbi Altman studied at these Yeshivot for his ordination to the Rabbinate as a Yoreh Yoreh.  This title is recognized by the Chief Rabbinate in Eretz Israel, and was the basis for his admission to RCA in the United States.  Concurrently, he attended the Belz cantorial school at Yeshiva University and studied under cantor Yosef Malovani for about 18 months.

During that time, he participated in various musical events and in Hazanut choirs, and was also a member of the Miami Adult Choir vocal group.  This experience prepared him for his duties as a public Shaliach during the High Holy Days in several synagogues throughout the United States.

After completing his studies, he returned to Israel and served as a teacher at the Me'ir Bar Ilan high school Yeshiva in Tel Aviv, teaching the 7th grade.

Subsequently, he was appointed teacher at the Hamilton Yeshiva in Canada, in charge of dean's activities on the Yeshiva campus as dormitories supervisor and also pertaining to training, supervising and student counseling.

He coached students wherever he worked in physical fitness, using his experience in basketball and baseball training, in accordance with the saying, "a healthy mind in a healthy body."  A lover of sports, he was also part of a group which established a soccer team in Israel named Maccabi Kabilio Yafo.

After completing his teaching studies, he moved to New York to attend special professional training courses.  During this time, he worked as a Hebrew teacher at the Kushner school in New Jersey and was awarded a Certified Teacher's diploma in Jewish Sciences.

Rabbi Altman received a post graduate degree in advanced rabbinic and synagogue management from the Young Israel training program. 

In New York, he served as acting rabbi in various synagogues during his period of studies, giving sermons, lectures and talks on various topics on research work and on subjects pertaining to Bible studies.  In northern New Jersey, Rabbi Altman has served as the Rabbi of the Lester Senior Housing Community in Whippany.

In summary, Rabbi Altman's experience covers teaching, training, education, disseminating the jewish heritage, rabbinical works and Kashrut.

Rabbi Altman
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