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Rabbi Altman has studied in Israel, Canada and in the United States in New York and New Jersey.  Here are some of his writings:

Parshat Yitro - 1991

"Whose Am I?
"If you will listen to Me and safeguard my covenant, you shall be distinguished to Me from all the nations" (Sh'mos 19:5).  The M'chilta comments:  'tihyu k'nuyim li v'oskim baTorah - you will belong to me [Hashem] and study Torah.'  What does it mean to belong to Hashem? ..."
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The Attacks Showed The Intent of Extremists - 2001

"When I returned to Israel from the United States, I came back to a new reality, to a country that was different from the country I had left just over three weeks earlier.   ...our hearts were torn with pain from what we saw for days on end following the horrendous attacks on New York and Washington..."  
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No Concessions Would Guarantee Peace and Tranquility - 2001

"At a time of daily press and TV reports of new incidents of terrorism in our historic homeland of Israel, our hearts shrink and words of condolence and sympathy are no longer enough.  ... I have been in touch with all my loved ones in Eretz Israel, and I have witnessed the terrible grief ..."
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